Car prices today

Had the exact same thing happen to me. They wouldn’t give me a purchase price, just the payment. Was an old F150 4wd with a straight six and a four speed. In hindsight, I think it was probably one of those “buy here, pay here” lots.

That may be right. All I know is I’m not making twice as much money now as I was when gas was $2 and something a gallon. I don’t think my pay increases have kept up with new car prices either, considering a few years ago they were discounting well below MSRP and now they’re asking above that in a lot of cases. Ten years ago or so, you could get a pretty well equipped truck for $35k. Now I imagine the same truck is $15-20k more…?

Yes this is really good for me. I did have house payments, but I skrimped and paid it off very quickly. My philosophy is if you make payments, make payments to yourself and when it’s paid off then pay in cash what you saved for. I am overly extreme when it comes to this. There is nothing wrong with getting loans and enjoying things earlier in life. Because who knows someone like me could save for the good life and end up dying early. Thankfully that didn’t happen in my case. But I think everyone should at least make themselves aware of the actual costs it takes to live a little when they are young.

My wife, before we were married, had the opposite experience. Got a signed deal on a used car. Dealership assumed she would finance through them. This was just as the credit crunch was waning in the 80s. I went with her, the credit manager showed us the loan contract, the “truth in lending” line showed an APR of 25+%, I questioned that, he claimed it was the “cumulative interest”. I said we would wait until the next day. She went to her bank, got a loan for much lower interest, lower monthly payments, shorter duration.
We walk in with a check for the amount on the deal signed by the used car manager. To say the least, they were not pleased, but had no choice than to sell her the car.

You picked the largest and most expensive Jeep. Of course it will cost a lot. So do the Armada, Sequoia, Suburban and Expedition. I won’t check the trim levels to choose comparably equipped vehicles, but comparably equipped vehicles will set you back about the same amount. For the Grand Wagoneer, it might be more appropriate to look at the Lexus LX, Infiniti QX80, Lincoln Navigator, and Cadillac Escalade. They’ve been priced in that neighborhood for a while.

On the glass-half-full side, there’s some silver linings to the current high car prices

  • Auto repair shops will get more business
  • Auto repair techs will command higher salaries
  • The high car prices generate a lot of sales tax, funding communities & schools
  • Folks who had the foresight to learn how to repair their own cars are sitting pretty
  • If you leased a car, the current market price may be considerably higher than the contracted return value
  • If you have an extra car you don’t need, you can sell it at a premium price, money in your pocket
  • Fewer cars on the road means fewer traffic jams

If new car prices remain this high I expect new cars will gradually become a corporate worker benefit. In other words you won’t own the car, your employer owns it, and lends it to you as one of your benefits. When you shop around for a new job, one of the questions you’ll ask, besides salary, insurance etc, is "If I agree to take this job, what make/model of new car will you provide? " That’s a common way new cars are put into driver’s hands already in some countries.

Ummm…yay? :thinking:

Sheesh. Isn’t that what the great reset is all about? You will own nothing and everything will be provided by your masters.

Seems to me that’s the path the USA has been on for quite a few years. Neither party dominates, but seems to have started in earnest during the Clinton admin. My opinion only.

For one thing this is a very upmarket SUV (or at least trying to be; I’ve heard it is quite nice). For another thing, the base engine on this vehicle is the 392 Hemi, good for 471 hp and there is an optional 3.0 I6 twin turbo, good for 510 hp. Both of these engines will jack up the price quite a bit.

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