I sold it!


ditched the kia sedona and went to a 2008 ford f-250 powerstroke diesel 4x4 offroad king ranch!! how about that?


I think you owe us an explanation.


I think that our little friend forgot that he already revealed in one of his other posts that he is 16 years old, and is looking for a vehicle under $16,000. You know, the same person who claimed in another post to be trying to decide between a “regular” 2008 XJ-6 Jaguar and the Vanden Plas variation. The same person who is trying to evaluate the seat fabrics on new Chrysler (or as he referred to them, Daimler-Chrysler) vehicles. The same person who is considering a G-series Mercedes, but really likes a diesel-powered Ford Excursion. The same person who is trying to decide whether to buy an Escalade, a Yukon, or a Suburban. Or, perhaps a Subaru Tribeca.

Come on Ruben, do you really think that anyone believes ANYTHING that you are posting or asking at this point?

And, yes, I did think about my answer very thoroughly.


good luck at 4.40 a gallon,should have bought a kenworth cab over.



Excellently put, VDC.

I’m starting to believe this is someone that truely has difficulty with reality. Someone who’s actually ill. If I’m right, this person has my sincere sympathy.


No, I think he is just a teenager with lots of big ideas. Eventually the hormones settle down a bit :wink:


Eventually they discover girls, and the hormones just get redirected. The hormones actually settle down when you’re about 80, maybe.


He just learned a great deal about cars and trucks from very knowledgeable persons, including at least one automotive engineer, that he can brag about to his classmates!