Car possessed by Bucking Bronco! Please Help!

My 1998, Suzuki, Esteem, manual 5-speed, 100,000 mls., has had intermittent hic-coughs for months! Engine light always on ever since. Without warning it Bucks and lags. Happens in any gear, at any speed, any RPM, hot or cold, wet or dry conditions. No weird noises or odors to speak of. Only constant; seems worse in 1st gear. Will cease bucking momentarily,if I completely let off of gas or sometimes if I floor gas.

Gave it some carb cleaner a few times. Did some long highway drives trying to purge it. No difference.

WHAT THE??? Any diagnosis?, at least to isolate the problem, fuel line, electrical, etc… Sound expensive to fix? Is it worth fixing? Do I need to find a mechanic or an exorcist? Please Help

Have you tried checking the codes from the engine light. That light is there to lead you towards the diagnosis, kind of internal exorcist! Has this car had any tune ups (Spark plugs, wires, air filter) done in its life? If you keep driving like this one of those hiccups would come with a kiss of death.