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Car is pooping out on me

Nobody can figure out what is wrong with my vee-hickle.

It’s a 1999 Suzuki Esteem GL 1.8 liter 4-speed automatic

transmission 4 cylinder car. Recently when I got my oil

changed a month ago the car guys told me I need new

brake and steering fluid, but I don’t think that is what’s


Throughout this summer (maybe from the heat? Or the

fact that my car is on it’s way to being an antique) it has

been having sporadic acceleration issues. Sometimes,

after I have been driving for a while already (about ten

minutes) it starts doing this thing where it feels like it’s

resisting accelerating. This lasts until I park it for a while,

because when I get back in it doesn’t do it anymore.

what is causing this!!! No one else can figure it out…

can you?

Could be a dirty fuel filter or injectors. Also, fuel pump being weak.

It sounds like your ignition system is being affectd by the heat in our engine compartment, leaving you with a weak spark. The most common problem components are coils and igniters.

Someone knowledgable needs to do some diagnostic work. My guess is that you’ve probably stored a fault code ir two and that might be a good starting point.

Yea, fuel filter is a good guess. I would also add plugs, wires and whatever works as a coil. Speaking of heat.

Have you tried turning the A/C off when it is doing this?

Do you have one or two fans on the radiator? If two, are they both coming on when it is hot and the A/C is running?

OK that was the fun stuff. How the transmission? When was the last time someone checked the level AND condition of the transmission fluid. When was the last time they were changed?

Brake fluid usually should be changed about every three years. Transmission fluid about every 30-50,000 miles.

[b] Don't [/b] get a transmission flush, get it changed, dropping the pan and cleaning the filter.  Brakes get changed, not just topped off.  

There are many possible other problems, the brake and transmission service should be done even if you don’t have a problem. In fact doing it may well keep you from having a problem. Maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairs.

Good Luck

so I guess I should just pay for a check up… the only answers to you that I have are that I believe the AC was on (since it was summer and generally really hot), and that I was told by GoodYear that I need new break fluid. I’ll probably take it for a check up because it is an old car and could need all of those things as far as I know. UGH haha

Yeah… my first thought was the gas and pedal connector thing was going bad or transmission fluid…