Car parts truk

Hi guys im kinda new to cars maybe im
asking a stupid question …i was wondering what is this part in the truk and what role it has … idk why my car doesnt have it missing it on the left side

That is a cargo hook, there is a cargo net available to go across the trunk.

You said it is not missing on the left but is missing on the right side?


Your picture is not very clear and are you asking about a truck or a trunk ?

its missing only on the left side

im asking about a trunk sorry for my misswriting

Here is a clear picture of car trunk

It is probably supposed to look like this…


I can’t see from that angle what is wrong with the cargo hook.

Below is how the cargo net attaches, those things only get in the way. If I had one in my car, I would remove it and place it under the cargo floor for the next owner to have fun with.

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@whiteybookings_178816 OK , I had to really increase the size but it clearly has ( 12 V ) on it . It is a 12 volt outlet and if you have the manual it will tell what it can be used for .

No bro i was asking about the cargo hook as its marked with red on the picture

so its called a cargo hook… i got the answer thanks everyone for replying…

It’s either as described above or a hook for securing items with your own web or could be a finger hold to pull up the tire cover. I hate to say it but it is probably pictured in the owner’s manual. Sometimes this stuff works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have thrown the nets away but also use them in another car. Paid extra for a trunk mat but stuff slides around so much it just sits in the garage.

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