Car overheats when stopped

while driving the temp. is at 159 but when parked it climbs to 210 quickly. it also is not building pressure in the radiator & there is no coolant circulating thru radiator even when gauge is showing hot.

Have you checked the thermostat???

If there is no coolant circulation, it sounds like the water pump on your mystery-vintage Cadillac is not working. Just how old is this car?

it is a 1988

You have at least four posts for same thing. Much better to keep it one as to have less confusion. You say it climbs to 210. That’s not overeheating, that’s normal operating temp. Is it actually overheating? What temp is it getting to?

While you’re checking the thermostat, is the fan (assuming there is one) working?

Are you sure that 210 is abnormal or overheating? On most cars it is not.