Partial Heat in a 2003 Honda CRV

I was hoping someone would have run across this problem before and would advise me on how to solve it. I have a 2003 Honda CRV that does not generate heat through the driver’s side dashboard vent; I only get tepid air. The passenger side vent gets heat and the middle vents get heat. When I originally bought it, heat was not a problem as it warmed up quickly and hot air was abundant. I took it to a repair shop (not a Honda dealership) where the dashboard was removed and a full search of the vents was done by a former Honda technician to see if there was blockage. The problem could not be found. What’s next?

Try an independent mechanic.  Save a few dollars and is likely to be able to find the problem the dealer mechanic missed.   My guess is the blend door or if it is one of those fancy jobs where you set the temperature for each passenger, then I would look at the comfort computer. 

Good Luck

I have the same model CR-V with the same exact problem. Good heat through passenger side vent, ok heat through middle vents, but cool air on driver’s side. I have checked adjustment of heater control cable and changed thermostat, neither of which helped. At this point, I am assuming it must be the blend door and I was planning to take to a mechanic later this week to remove the dash. If you find out anything on your issue, I would be very interested to know what you found. I will post my finding also. Thanks!

After one shop could not identify the issue, I bit the bullet and took it to a Honda dealer. They said that it initially stumped their mechanic too, but they claim Honda’s engineers said they have seen this before and it is the heater core, which was not good to hear. Anyhow, we are going to wait a while, at least until next fall.