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Car not starting

We have a 2012 Nissan Altima. There have been 3 times that it would not start -all times were after a long drive and a trip to the coast! Battery is fine. Nissan dealership could find nothing wrong. Any ideas why this is happening ? Is it possible this is a censor /salt problem?

Would Not Start ?
Would it crank over, but not fire-up ?
Would it not even attempt to crank ?
Would it do anything ?

Please describe any other symptoms including instrument panel lights, sounds, etcetera.


We have a 2012

 I would suggest that you should be under the warranty?  If so why are you not at the dealer waiting for them to give your properly repaired/serviced car.

Make Sure To Have Each Complaint To The Service Department Documented In Writing On A Service Repair Order (With Dealer’s Resolution Or Lack Of One) And Keep A Copy.

We haven’t heard from the owner, again, but I would first suspect something to do with the car’s NATS security system, like the relay that disables it, especially if it cranks, but won’t fire.

Any “security” warnings going on when it won’t start ?


This seems very frustrating. A car that fails to start can leave the driver stranded and unsafe. There’s dozens of reasons why a car won’t start. But on a newer car like this, it’s probably a manufacturing defect. A sample defect that only affects some important gadget in your car – and not others of the same make/model/year – in other words. It may proove difficult to isolate, that’s the problem. Unless there is a check engine code pending. Have they checked for that? Maybe ask the dealership to disable the security system and any other unnecessary systems the car is equipped with, and see if the problem goes away. Then at least you’ll have narrowed down the problem.