Car is hard to start

Car is hard to start when setting about 9 hours or longer to a day without being started up it is hard to crank over, I am at a loss to what is causing it, the car has a new battery, new distributor rotor w/wires and cap, my car is an 1993 Nissan stanza ALTIMA GXE w/automatic seat-belts, the car is fully loaded Except for sun roof or heated seats, I do have 242360+ miles on the car. I kept the car well maintained from Nissan, and they can’t find anything wrong with it. is this the case of just old age on the cars behalf? what I do notice is there’s a slight drop in voltage reading on battery the night before to the next day, can a starter be my problem??

Explain exactly what you mean by hard to crank over - you mean that you turn the key and it just sounds really weak? It sort of goes rrrrrrr…rrrr.rrr.r…r…r - instead of RR…RR…RR…RR…RR…RR

Or does it sound healthy when you turn the key but just won’t fire up?

the car usually starts like chik chik voom and runs, but as of the past 7 months it chik chik plua plua Dies, 2nd time same chik chik plua plua plua barely starts then dies, 3rd time will chik chik plua voom, it kinda does sound weak in starting up, but the battery is new, however they can go bad.

Time for a compression test.

I will have that checked Monday then.

Is it a Stanza or is it an Altima?

its a Stanza ALTIMA 1st production car for the ALTIMA it has both names on the car. and on it handbook.

the engine is a 4cyl the KA24DE Engine, with Automatic transmission. car was bought new, I got it from mom and dad back in 1996

Next time, turn the key to the on position, wait 2 seconds, then turn to start and see what it does. If it starts immediately, then the fuel rail is losing pressure over time. That could be from a number of reasons, leaking injector, faulty regulator or just a leak somewhere.

Sort of do what keith said, but turn it to the run position without cranking for a few seconds (listen for the fuel pump hum - couple/few seconds); then turn the key back off; back to run position; back off; back on…do it 7-8 times. Then turn the key. If it fires right up then you’ll probably be needing a new fuel pump if you want it to stop doing this.

I have done this a few minutes ago to start the car but I did 8 times to let pump build up pressure, I turn the key over just chik chik chik chik, so I let it go, and restarted the second time was chik, chik, chik sputter a few times then voom the rpm went high to about 3 then leveled back down to 1000 for a few moments then went to the 700 or 800 Rpm range,
it must be something for fuel, you don’t think I need to replace my fuel filter the last time I changed was last year around April. its over a year and 5 months old now. I must have 25.000 miles on it sense then.

Can you clarify what you mean with the “chik chik chik”? Is this something close to clicking? Or does the car actually turn over strongly - sounding just like any other car when you turn the key?

it makes a chunk chunk voom sound when it starts, I think I found something under my hood today, I look under the Distrubitor part, the Cap is new and rotor, but the main thing has oil under it, and the seal us dropping down, can this make a car hard to start??