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Won't start

My girlfriend has a 2002 Olds Alero. I drove it to the store this morning. Ran fine. After shopping, I got back into the car, it started, I put it in reverse and went about six inches and it died. I put into park and while the engine turned over very rapidly, it would not start. I checked the fuel bar and it is getting fuel. What happened?

What does “I checked the fuel bar” mean? And in the midst of saying so, explain how you know it is getting fuel.

Did you check for spark?

The fuel line that feeds the fuel injectors has a plastic cap covering a push valve that will spurt fuel if the fuel pump is working. I did not check for spark . . . are you talking about taking the ignition wire and holding it so a spark will jump? Or checking the computer to see if it is sending a spark signal

Well, you wouldn’t want to hold the wire unless you did it with an insulated tool - ouch! You can pull a plug, ground it somewhere and watch for spark, or buy a spark tester.

Are you saying you pushed the valve on the fuel rail and fuel squirted out? Much better to just listen for the pump - turn the key on, but not to crank (just to the point where the dash lights all light up). Listen as you do this and if the pump is working it will hum for 2-3 seconds each time you turn the key like that.

Okay, I’m waiting for a ride back to the car and I’ll try both your suggestions. Thank you. My girlfriend said she just put a new fuel pump on last month

I have replaced the fuel pump twice on mine, it’s not that -just got a call from the mechanic that they think it’s the passlock system and to the tune of $400 they will replace the ignition cylinder…my advice? Sell it while it’s running! If this doesn’t convince you, google 2002 Alero not starting. Apparently the security system from 200-2003 in a lot of GM vehicles disables the fuel injectors thinking the car is being stolen when its dirty. Mine doesn’t start selectively -1 day it’s fine the next it cranks but won’t start.