Car Not Starting Only In Morning

Yesterday morning, I drove the car about 30 minutes and turned it off for 45 minutes. When I tried turning it on, the car did not start so I jumped it. It ran fine the rest of the day and I was able to turn the car on and off several times.

This morning, I again drove the car for about 30 minutes and when I got back 1.5 hours later, it again did not start. I was able to jump it and I was able to turn it on and off again throughout today.

Any idea on what this issue could be? Thank you all in advance.

Please explain what “did not start” means.

I would turn the key and it would make a brief sound like as if it is trying to start the car and it goes silent. The lights on my dashboard would disappear as I am turning the key but would come back on when I release the key.

I hope that this helps. Apologies if my explanation is not very clear. I have a video that I took but unsure if it’s something that I can upload.

Check and see if the battery connections are clean and tight.

If they are,you need to bring the vehicle in so the battery/charging system can be tested.

Some parts stores will do a quick test for free.



Sounds like corroded or loose battery terminal ends that are not tight, if you can move the terminal end(s) by hand with force, then it can/is loosing connection… Corrosion can also build up in/under the wire insulation at the ends close to the terminal ends…


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