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Car not starting.. New battery

Hey I got a 1999 Mercury Cougar V6 and the past week i had battery problems since it being cold but i parked in the garage the last couple of days and it worked fine until today i took my sister to the store and came back perfectly then a couple hours later i try to start it and tried to start but it wouldn’t I kept trying and the battery went dead so I’m like l bought a new battery hoping that was the problem but its still doing the same thing it will try to start like a stuttering sound but won’t start… Any guesses what it could be?.. Sorry in advance my grammar sucks

This might help. 1:30 in the video (might be spark plugs or water in gas)

My first concern in that scenario would be a fuel pump. Listen to see if you hear the pump running for a few seconds in the gas tank when you turn the key to on. No fuel pump, no start. If the starter motor turns the engine over, and the fuel pump runs, its time to have a shop look at it. Usually plugs will still allow a start unless it is really cold out and it has been sitting for hours.

I had a Ford Contour in those years,The Cougar and Contour shared the same engines and technology. Ford had big problems with faulty alternators…mine was replaced a couple of time under warranty. Don’t rule out the alternator.

Cranks ok but hard to catch and start when very cold is usually either a fuel or spark problem. Verify the battery voltage matches specs both with the engine off and on first. A visual check of the spark at a spark plug and measuring the fuel pressure is way to get started after that. If the spark plugs are due for replacement anyway, now would be a good time to schedule that, as renewed plugs might be all that’s needed.

A bad alternator will drain even a new battery. The battery needs to ne charged and the alternator needs to be tested. It can be done on the car and some parts stores will do it for free. (Advance and Autozone in my area.)

try to turn the key on and off for several times, press the oil paddle at the same time, then start the engine.
I have the same problem last week, battery is 12.5V and cannot start the engine, i doubt the oil pressure is low.

What’s an “oil paddle”?


sorry, should be gas pedal