2001 Mercury Cougar - Won't start, what next?

I have a 2001 Mercury Cougar that has not been started for a couple of months, so now it won’t start. I charged the battery, so it turns over, but still no starting. It was running fine when I parked it.

Can you hear the fuel pump turn on for a few seconds after you put the key in the run (not crank) position? If not there’s pump problems if so, pull a plug, put the plug wire back on it and hold the electrode to engine ground. Is there a spark jumping accross electrodes while cranking? If not, there’s an ignition problem. If so, try spraying starter fluid in throttle body while cranking, If it fires, you have a fuel problem. Let us know what happens and get back with us.

I thank you so much for your response, but I’m afraid that might be beyond my mechanical expertise.