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Car not driven for 4 years

What problems might there be with a 2002 Ford Focus that has been garaged and not driven for 4 years. FYI…Battery was replaced 2 years ago, but is now dead; car has not been started in 6 months.

Drain and replace the fuel…It will have degraded into something nasty…Don’t even TRY to start it on that 4 year old gas…See if the new (dead) battery can be charged…Sometimes they will come back. Check ALL the fluids. Pump up the tires. If they have been allowed to go completely flat, replace them. Try to start it…

I will add that you should check the age of the tyres. They are marked with manufacturer date. Old tyres are dangerous.

If there ever is a next time, be sure to write in and ask about what to do for long term storage before you store it.

Thank you for the advice. I will siphon the gas out & check the tires & fluids before taking her for a ride.
Unfortunatley, it was not a planned “long term” storage, but the sudden death of the owner that lead to the storage.