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Car Sat For 6 Months Unused. Any special advice?

I started a new job in Feb. It’s now almost Aug. Because I have a great cmpany car (Mariner hybrid), I never drive my old jalopy (2000 Escort). My escort runs (ran) like a top. I need to go out and make sure it doesn’t develop problems from sitting and collecting dust.

I just tried to start it. The battery I bought last winter is dead.

I can go out and jump it, but I thougt I’d ask if there are any other problems I should expect after six months. Is there anything special I should do or expect?

Possible fuel system hiccups would be about my only worry. Aged gasoline could cause the car to refuse to start or run poorly. If the tank is down a bit I’d just add fresh gas and maybe a can of Berryman B-12 (it’s cheap and good) and not worry. It may run poorly, or not, but should clear up pretty quickly.

If the timing belt job has never been done it’s way past due as that belt would be about 11 years old now.

I have parked my winter car from April to November for many years now in a well ventilated garage with no problems except what you had, a dead battery from normally expected parasitic current draw for the electronics. I keep the gas tank full and park the car dry and with a recent oil change. You can take care of that with a small, 1 amp battery maintainer. I used to get brake rotor rusting but flow-through ventilation (some opening at each end) of the garage took care of that.

My car starts like it was parked yesterday and I use no gasoline stabilization chemical as the system is sealed.

Charge your battery (if it will charge) and go…Put some fresh gas in it as soon as you can. Check all the fluids including the brakes, pump up the tires…

Cars often sit on a dealer’s lot for many months unused. They may need to jump it to get it started, but generally no real problems.