Car not accelerating over 95 anymore

People talking (or even worse–texting) on cell phones are a significant safety problem.
Going beyond that reality, please ponder this question:

Will your car, and its occupants, sustain more damage from being hit by someone driving 45 mph, or from someone driving 95 mph?

In case you are wavering about the answer, please allow me to offer the opinion that you and your passengers would be unlikely to survive a collision with a vehicle that is traveling at 95 mph.

I did find my “no spam” graphic earlier. But I can’t seems to dig up that “no snot-nosed brats” graphic.

OP, if you’re still following this thread:

You’ve admitted to street racing, and you want to get your car to exceed 95MPH again, presumably so that you can again race it.

Thus, you are asking the members of this forum to aid and abet you in the commission of a felony.

First, that’s really poor form; totally uncool. Second, nobody will engage in criminal conspiracy with you to help you get back to “racin’ in the streets” again. Third, it is possible you might have exploited someone’s naivet? about the law to conspire unwittingly (which, again, is really uncool–kinda like making somebody an unwitting getaway driver for a heist.)

So, please take your requests for criminal conspiracy elsewhere. I’m going to flag your post, and ask that others flag it, too.

Don’t flag the post. It is a valuable lesson to others that might show up with similar ideas. They will see that a large number of responders don’t care for street racing at all. If everyone with a bad idea is silenced we won’t know who they are, and won’t know that someone is out there thinking like this.

That’s one of the greatest values of free speech.

Why is it when I first read the title of the post, I immediately thought of Robert Gift and his Explorer? :stuck_out_tongue:

“I’d rather have him going 95+ than someone going 45, talking on the phone, and not paying attention. I haven’t had any close calls with speeders. I’ve been hit by someone on the phone.”

I’m not comfortable leaving that decision in your hands, Tardis.

You can probably smoke cigarettes and never get cancer. Around where I live we had multiple pedestrians (I’m pretty sure it was fewer than 10 at a time) killed by people racing on the roads, as well as other drivers killed in other street racing incidents, within the last couple years.

What makes you think young Brandon’s NOT talking on the phone?

I’ll leave it to you to click the links:

I don’t care who kills you. I care who kills me.

Exactly right. Free speech lets you know who the stupid people are. And the internet lets you know what young Brandon’s license plate number is and how to contact local and state police in Texas.

Well done, Poodle!

Don’t think we’ll be hearing any more from Brandon.

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Me too!

Virtually all cars and most trucks sold in the USA will go way over 95 mph, so what’s the fuss.? I can go over 95, I have gone over 95, but I drive the speed limit or 5 mph above.

I expect my cars to run well and if this guy’s car won’t go over 95 he likely has performance issues, ie low power and poor acceleration compared to normal. If it was my car I’d want it running right and that’s all he wants.

As to street racing, not good. As to speeding, risky business. But all those who want to regulate drivers to 75 or whatever - are you the same folks screaming for less government, smaller govt., and yadda yadda? If so, you can’t have smaller govt., and less spending and also want to regulate everyone’s behavior if and when it bothers you. Leave this guy alone.

If you haven’t touched the secondary ignition parts in a while, you may want to start there. Use good old ACDelco double platinum plugs. Others may be shiny and more expensive, and even advertise increased horsepower, but they really will not perform any better than the stuff the car was born with, and anything else can actually cause diminished performance.

If you have an automatic transmission and managed to get it to over-rev the engine while in gear, you probably have a transmission problem. If you shift your automatic transmission manually, which it sounds like you do based on your description of your problem, this is not good unless you have built that tranny with a manual valve body. The 4L60E is a pretty durable transmission, but in stock form is not meant to be beaten on the way you are obviously driving this car.

Another thought regarding your driveability problem with the car falling on its face: with driving habits like yours, I wouldn’t rule out a mechanical problem just yet. The LS1 has a known weak spot that crops up when they are raced and otherwise driven very hard. The #7 and #8 cylinders are last in line for cooling, so they get the hot water to cool them. Under very hard and abusive driving conditions, those cylinders can run excessively hot, causing detonation and possibly burning holes in the tops of your pistons. You could be well on your way to needing some serious powertrain work.

The Z28 is a fast car, but if you are going to drive it like this, expect to spend some serious money keeping it going. Hot Rod magazine ran an article on a Z28 that is a lot like yours recently. After they bought it, they ended up trashing the 4L60E after a half dozen or so passes down the quarter mile, replaced it with a TCI Streetfighter tranny, then got maybe four more runs out of it before burning a hole in the #7 piston. This was not a big deal to them since they have limitless funds and do not rely on the car as a daily driver, but if either of these apply to you, you may want to rethink your driving habits because driving this way will get very expensive very fast.

Not only does Brandon drive too fast, he has also has exhibited other signs of being not exceptionally smart. Considering that his oil pressure indicator is not working (per the you tube link) he’ll probably fry the engine soon. Imagine spending big $$ on a big dash-top mounted tach, and not fixing the oil pressure gage. Also consider that there IS A YOU TUBE LINK.

Chances are, someone travelling on the highway at 45 MPH is WITHIN the posted speed limit. Anybody ever see the signs that say speed limit 70, minimum 40? Someone travelling at 95 MPH is NOT travelling within the posted speed limit. As we are a nation of laws, we expect our fellow traveller to do so. Don’t like it? Get the laws changed. Don’t forget driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. Safety first!

Can you tell me where it is your driving that fast? I want to avoid it…and notify authorities.

Don’t feed the trolls.

As with any drivability problem, a compression test is in order.

“if this guy’s car won’t go over 95 he likely has performance issues”

You said it, I didn’t. I’m not for the kind of regulation you mention, but let me put the question to you this way: if you were a gunsmith (and before anyone gets started, I am very pro-gun) and someone brought you a gun that was malfunctioning and said “I like to use this gun occasionally to commit crimes that have a good chance of killing innocent bystanders” would you fix the gun for him? Do you want to be the guy who helps our streetracer young Brandon to, in his own words, “[get] on it a bit and hit 125-130 at least”?

Man Jailed After Filming Himself Driving 140 mph… remind you of anyone?

You’re missing the point, punk. We don’t HAVE to answer your question. And I’d venture to say that most of us don’t WANT to. You’re lucky in that a couple of people for reasons best left to them to explain gave you a couple of suggestions on how to make your car do 100 on public streets again. For myself, just as I won’t tell someone the best way to kill with a knife, I won’t be telling you the best way to be a jackass in a car.

But I will say this: If you want to drive fast, you should at least keep your car properly maintained. And the fact that you think that driving fast in overdrive might have something to do with your car’s. . er. . falling-on-its-ass… tells us that you don’t know crap about cars, which means you don’t even know what maintenance to be doing on your car. And yet you call yourself a safe driver.

Have fun in your 10 year old deathtrap, hm?

I’d rather have neither, myself. .

Read the whole thread. It’s all there.