Car not accelerating over 95 anymore

I believe when I was getting on it I was in one gear too long and over revved it. So it fell on its ass. But then i shifted again and it accelerated over 95 all the way as possible. Then I slowed down again and drove speed limit. Then when I was getting around traffic I tried to get over 95 and it just falls on its ass and doesn’t want to get over 95. I don’t really know what is going on or wrong. Nothing sounded like it broke. Back pressure? Too much gas in the cat? I don’t know someone clarify please.

Something deep in the heart of the universe is telling you that you are too dangerous on the roadways. Since your own brain apparently doesn’t keep you under control, the mysterious forces of the universe are trying to do it for you.

If you are driving on the Autobahn where this kind of thing is more the norm and where people actually understand limited access freeways then please do say so. Then I might think about the problem rather than being relieved that something is preventing you from driving like this.

I’m glad you are so concerned about traffic on the highway. But I haven’t been in a wreck or caused one. I have couple of speeding tickets, yes. But when i speed I am more aware of my surroundings and where I’m going. I would have to say I’m a safer driver than most of the traffic on the road. I see it everyday people cutting others off or not accelerating enough when getting on the highway. Going 45 getting on the highway… That will cause more accidents than people speeding. On the other hand I never asked who was concerned about my driving, I was asking a repair and maintenance problem. This incident won’t keep me off the road I have other vehicles. So please give your two cents some other place.

[i] I would have to say I'm a safer driver than most of the traffic on the road.[/i] 

  I don't know how good a driver you are so don't take offense.  I don't have a study available, but I would bet that overall those drivers who believe they are safer because they am more aware of their surroundings and where they are going when they are speeding, are a lot less safe than they think.  

  Please consider that the other drivers and their passengers should have a right to expect you to obey the traffic laws.  Also remember they may not have the driving skills to avoid having an accident when placed in a position that a speeder may create. 

  I can't answer your question, simply because I don't know.  cigroller on the other hand likely does have an answer or at least a good idea of where to look.  I appreciate his comments willingness to express his feelings.

Some cars the vintage of your Camaro actually have a program in the ECM that will cause the vehicle to run poorly when approaching triple digit speeds. This is primarily to deter the driver from driving in such a reckless manner. I had a '96 Taurus once that did this, but the only reason I was driving so fast is because it was 3 in the morning, roads were deserted, and my wife was in labor.

How about more info on this car? V6 or V8? Manual or automatic transmission?

How about more info on your driving habits? Do you regularly drive this car in this kind of harsh manner? Was this maneuver you describe out of the ordinary? Were you about to get run over by a speeding semi, so you had to floor it and “over rev it”?

Another driver who indicates the need for severely restricting horsepower. Zero to 60 in 20 seconds and top speeds of 75 seem totally adequate for automobiles.

I think the speed limit in most of these United States is around 70 MPH. Wanna go fast? Find a racetrack! They’re all over the place. I have 911 on speed dial for when I see people act a fool on the highway. If memory serves me right, in most states going double the speed limit is booking speed. If you were a “safe driver” nobody on here would be giving you a hard time. Don’t forget the speed limit is not minimum speed.

A little off topic this conversation has been going. Thank you to the first reply on this post. I don’t care if someone has 911 on speed dial for speeders. I don’t care how reckless others drive, how well others drive, or how fast/slow someone drives. I don’t care about speed limits in other towns or cities. I’m asking one damn question about my car and what would be the cause of this. It is a 2002 Camaro Z28. LS1-V8. Automatic transmission 4L60E type. I take the car to the track here and there to race it. It is at this moment an everyday driver. I speed and race on the highway here and there yes. But who doesn’t or who hasn’t? Everyone has sped from one time in their lives. Get over it. Just because someone on this is “bitching” about speeders isn’t going to change my way of driving. Go vent on another forum. Just please answer this question about my vehicle. That is all.

I once drove a 65 Belvedere 120 mph for about 20 minutes on a road where the speed limit was 55; no accident, no ticket. I was young, stupid, and lucky. You don’t say how old you are.

Ding! Ding! Ding! There it is! “I speed and race on the highway…”

I especially liked this part of your repair question:

“Then I slowed down again and drove speed limit. Then when I was getting around traffic I tried to get over 95…”

Noted with interest: you race a car with an automatic transmission. Ummm, okay.

So, you’re in your mid 20’s, carrying a few extra lb’s but still a ragingly handsome young man. Your oil pressure sensor is “broke.” Are you still living in Odem, Texas? Do they have police or a sherriff down there?

Your license plate is Texas TZK-738.

Your post from is below (emphasis added):

“I drive a 2002 Camaro Z28. It has an automatic tranny 4L60E. I was getting on the highway and at this moment i was in Drive not Overdrive. So i got on it a bit and hit 125-130 at least. But when I did that I was in drive a little too long and it kind of fell on its ass a bit then i shifted and it still accelerated. Then I slowed down to speed limit. Then when i was close to home there was enough traffic so i sped around them and this time i was in overdrive when I got on it. When accelerating I didn’t want to get over 95. It responded nicely from 70 to 94 then at 95 it just bogged down a bit. I don’t know if this could be fuel problem? Back pressure problem? Cat problem? What could this be? First time this has happened to me so kind of new to this situation.”

Once again, your license plate is Texas TZK-738.

I think this guy is trolling.

The largest problem with speeding is the difference in speed between you and the other drivers on the road. When you go fast, you have less time to react because you are closing on the driver in front of you more quickly than if you were going the speed limit. They know the speed limit is 55 (for instance), yet you are moving twice as fast. You appear as a small car in the rear view mirror as they move left to pass, yet you get there twice as quickly as they expect. That’s trouble waiting to happen. And you also take a lot longer to slow down. Braking distance changes as the square of the speed. If you can stop from 55 in 120 feet, it will take 223 from 75. If you are going 95, you need 258 feet to stop. You’ll still be going faster than 75 when you hit they guy in front of you who stopped from 55 in a panic. Maybe it was an animal in the road or a truck tire, but that doesn’t matter when the accident occurs. If you are stopped going more than 20 MPH over the speed limit it is possible that you will lose your license. If you are going 40 MPH over, you almost certainly will.

The simplest answer is a clogged fuel filter. Something seems to be limiting the fuel and not allowing the volume of fuel flow you need for high speeds.

Something similar happened to my '67 Mustang many years ago. There was a small filter that screwed into the base of the carb. One day I was running it hard and it started to buck at higher rpms. Replacing the little fuel filter did the trick.

Perhaps your high speed run sucked some extra junk into the fuel filter and it clogged but is not stopping fuel flow completely; just restricting it. Find the fuel filter(s) and replace it and see if it helps.

If it’s not a clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump, then a clogged catalytic converter is another possibility.

That’s like saying. Smoking can’t cause cancer. I’ve been smoking for years now and don’t have cancer.

I don’t think he’s a troll. I think he is just of those teenage types (whether in years or maturity or both) that comes through once in a while assuming that everyone who is into cars is into them so that they can pretend to be race car drivers.

Even so, I doubt there’s much point in going on about it since I don’t think he’s coming back. I’ll just stay out of Texas, I guess. Which is just something I try to do anyway.

That’s where you get to see the license plate, between 40 and 50 seconds in.


Dept Phone: (361) 368-4311
Fax: (361) 368-2548

Police Department Address:
300 North Rachal Avenue
Odem, TX

Office Opened: 1993
Department Type: Texas Constable

You missed my point, Mike. Read it again:

“I was young, stupid, and lucky. You don’t say how old you are.”

And we’re helping him go above 95 mph “getting on the highway” and in “traffic” why?

I’d rather have him going 95+ than someone going 45, talking on the phone, and not paying attention. I haven’t had any close calls with speeders. I’ve been hit by someone on the phone.