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Car noises

when i make a stop in my car is sounds like something is still spinning under my hood on the drivers side, anyone know what that is?

First, you have to answer a few questions for us:

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Is this your first car?
How long have you owned the car?
What temperature range does your temperature gauge indicate when this happens?
If you have owned the car for a while, is this a new sound or has it “always” done this?
Does this happen right after the engine is started (i.e.–before the engine warms up), or does it happen only when the engine is warm, or is this noise not temperature-dependent?

Without any further information, I am going to guess that you are hearing the cooling fan(s) for the radiator, but that is just a “WAG” at this point.

Could be a cooling fan.

Have you opened the hood to investigate? Perhaps you can see what it is for yourself.

its a 2006, 60,000 miles, this is my 3rd car and i bought it brand new, the temperature is never the same, i have never heard this noise in any car i have ever owned or anyone elses car i have ever ridden in, its a brand new noise that started yesterday, this happens anytime random time, it doesnt matter if i just started the car or i have been driving a while