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2004 Corolla Weird Sounds

Hi My car make a wierd ‘krrrr’ sound when I start it usually in the winter and sometimes in the summer. The sound goes away usually after a few mins of driving. What the deal here? Do I need to worry about it or just ignore, like I have been for the past 1.5 years

Enlist the help of a friend, lift the hood, and have him/her turn the ignition key while you listen closely to what is going on in the engine compartment when the engine is started. (Keep your head and clothing away from the serpentine belt and the fans!)

Is the noise coming from under the hood?
If so, try to describe where it is coming from under the hood.

If the noise did not emanate from under the hood, have him/her start it again while you stand/squat near the rear of the car, on the side where the gas filler is located. Does the noise come from this area?

If the noise does not come from either underneath the hood or from the area of the gas tank, does it seem to originate underneath the passenger compartment of the car?

Until you begin to localize the sound, it will be very difficult to give good advice on the nature of the problem.

If it makes the noise while in neutral, open the hood and cut a piece of garden hose about three or four feet long and use it as a stethoscope to find where the noise is coming from.