Car Name Humor

Weird car names of the world – from Assol to Zwerg

Author: Sam Glover
Practical Classics Magazine (UK)
29 Nov 2017

This Tarpan Honker owner has spotted a Swinger.

There have been weird names for weird cars. Mr Glover is your guide.


Engrish is a rich source of bizarre names, providing such garbled wonders as the Suzuki Every Joypop Turbo, Mazda Scrum Wagon, Toyota Deliboy, Honda Life Dunk and Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Wide (‘BJ’ stands for ‘Big Joy’, obviously). Isuzu has the SUV market covered with the compact MU Wizard (‘MU’ stands for ‘Mysterious Utility’) and the less modest Bighorn.

Daihatsu’s marketing department clearly had a dirty-minded streak, giving us the Scat and the Naked – respectively a utilitarian off-roader and an odd mash-up of cute shopping car and Hummer.

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Just think of the fun we’d have if Henry Ford was named Henry Wollinski.

I’m sure Toyota was thinking “quick” when they named the Daihatsu Scat. They were undoubtedly not thinking about the other, “dirty” meaning that you are alluding to. Although after my experience with a Daihatsu rental in Japan, the unintentional meaning is entirely appropriate.

Yet here we are still talking about it :slight_smile:, pehaps they knew exactly what they were doing!

No…we stopped talking about it 2 years ago.

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I talked with the pest control guy about bat scat today. Is that what you mean by the other dirty meaning? Pretty common term on the plains. But yeah this is kinda old but I still like the idea of a Wollinski LTD.