Car moves foward and back but stops suddenly 93 BMW 318i

I drive a 1993 BMW 318i 5 speed manual 1.8 L 4-cylinder, and I have run into a problem with it. the car shifts perfectly but when I accelerate or reverse the car will move about 3 feet then stop. same for when the car is in neutral. I have no idea what it could be… please help!

If the vehicle won’t move while in neutral, the next thing to check are the brakes.


the car moves in neutral for about 5 ft and the whole car stops

the car still runs after it stops

Check the rear drum brakes.


The car in neutral should only move if you are on a hill.

Perhaps you can clarify the symptoms OP

  1. In Drive, with your foot off the brakes, with the car initially not moving, what exactly happens when you press on the accel pedal?
  2. In Reverse , same question…?
  3. In Neutral, same question … ?

the floor is a slightly slanted, enough for it to roll back a good amount

in first gear when it accelerates about 4 ft and the car breaks itself as if something was stuck in the wheels on the passenger side.

same for neutral, the car rolls back a bit and does the same but rolling back and forth.

and the same when reversing.

That sounds more like a brake problem than a transmission problem to me. Could be something broken in the axle/cv joint area on the right side of the car too. A general brake inspection on the right side seems reasonable, and the flexible brake lines on the right side should be checked too. Problem brake booster possible, but less likely.