Car MD

I am thinking about purchasing the Car MD to diagnose potential problems with my car. Is this a good investment? Please tell me everything you know about this product. You can find more info at

Thanks, Jay

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I hope you’re not going on one of their infomercials. IMHO they should be shut down for false advertising.

On the whole, however, once you peel off all of the B.S. it may be worth what they charge. But if you just want an inexpensive code reader/scantool you can do better for less IMHO.

As cig said, and I will add that in most places, you can get the same service from Autozone or other car parts stores for free.

I’ve heard good things about Dashawk. Don’t have one, but they’re popular with Speed 3 and CX-7 owners.

How many problems do you have with your car that you think purchasing one of these devices is worth the price? How many problems would you have to have before the device pays for itself?

Personally, if I was having frequent enough problems that I needed such a device, I would probably be shopping for a new car.

I have to agree with Whitey on this one. Any diagnostic tool, including a code reader, is useless unless you have the basic knowledge to understand what it’s telling you and do the further diagnostic work based on the direction it points you. It’s rarely as simple as “change part A and your car will be well again”.

The money would be better left in the bank unless you actually plan on learning about cars and doing the work yourself.

Is this the same CarMD that started out as a kiosk that you would drive your car up to, plug in the port and it gave you a reading? Now looks like they just sell a cheap code reader at twice the going price plus shipping.