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Service times


I would love to call and ask this except I live in Australia and the chances of getting through during the show are highly unlikely.

I have a 2008 Subaru Impreza – I don’t do a lot of kilometres and wondered what I should do in terms of maintenance. The dealer wants me to get a service done at 19000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first) – however I have only put 11000 on the car to date, and don’t see a reason to get the car serviced. What do you think?

The authority on the subject is in your glove box. Take a look at your owner’s manual. It will list both times and distance for all the maintenance that your car needs. Dealers often add a few things that your can does not need, but does add to the profit of the dealer.

Even if you have only 500 miles and it has been a year, you may be due for an oil change. One example would be brake fluid. It likely does not even list a mileage schedule, but it does likely say it should be replaced every two years. That one is critical. It absorbs water and can cause brake failure if you fail to replace it on schedule.

So read the manual and do what it says.

I agree 100%. Your car may need to be serviced according to the “severe service” maintenance schedule, depending on the type of driving you do (short trips, dusty conditions, etc.), but the manual will explain all that.

Follow the manual, not the dealer. The dealer makes money selling unnecessary service. This is true around the planet.