Ticking noise when trying to start....and its not the battery!

Help… My Camry is a 98. Tried to start today and when the ignition is fulling turned it makes a horrible repeating ticking noise. I cleaned the connectors and got a jump but it still will not start. I had the started changed about 1.5 years ago. Any advice???

Check all your connections ie at starter motor and ground, Check the cables to make sure there are no swollen spots indicating corrosion in a cable in need of replacement get, a free battery and starter check at the autoparts store, and see if your car has a separate starter solenoid that may need connections cleaned or replacement.

Ok thanks… Im going to have to take it in somewhere. Im new to my location in California but my neighbor told me that pepboys is a good place to get repairs at a decent price. Do you recommend them? Im weary of taking it to a “chain”…

I have never used a chain for repair preferring local independently owned shops for quality not necessarily price. Going once to have it fixed right beats the alternative. I am not saying chains are worse, just stating my preference, and I like to get the scoop on repairs and asking a cashier questions about this and that is a waste of air. Car Talk has a mechanic database if you care to look, but it sounds like a fairly simple problem that even the pep boys could fix.