Car loses power at a high speed long commute when weather is hot

when driving on a long trip on a hot day the car begins to lose power. car does not show to be overheating, warning light slow down appears, but nothing changes . pull off on a less traveled road and drive slow problem seems to get better.

Which warning light? many parts stores will read stored codes for free, Codes wold be helpful for diagnosis.

A clogged fuel filter could cause this. What year, how many miles, any recent work on the car?

what does your user manual say what to do when the light comes on?

Lancer? Turbo? Maybe there is a boost control scheme to protect the motor in hi stress situations? What model was that? Rally art?

Lancer Se 2013

Used car no owners manual

they are usually available online

owner’s manual

lancer 2013, 83,000 miles added injector cleaner to tank today 7/30.

warning light says slow down, this issue happens when it is hot outside. car does not show to running hot though.

I don’t see in the owner’s manual anything about a warning light that says “SLOW DOWN”. WHere is the warning light and what color is it?