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Advice for Lancer

Hello , i would like to know what is wrong with my car, recently got it it is a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer and whenever I drive 60MPH or higher for more than 20 Minutes , it will start to overheat and sometimes it’ll just slow down on its own. Thanks for the help in advance !

Low coolant, restricted coolant or air flow though the radiator, defective thermostat, defective coolant temperature sensor (false gauge reading). Are you losing coolant?

No, nothing else is wrong with it. Sometimes when I’m stopped at a light the engine will like vibrate (idk how else to put it) and my seat and the passenger seat will start shaking as well.

Sorry my mistake, when I do open the anti freeze a little bit it’ll start to squirt out, but also when I got the car it was way pass the line where it says full .

Then you are back to all the possibilities NYBo mentioned, plus the possibility the radiator is restricted internally with rust and scale. Does your car have a cap on the radiator itself or only on the coolant recovery container? If there is a cap on the radiator, check the level there. The radiator may not be drawing coolant back in when it cools down.

If the cooling system is over pressurizing, a leaking headgasket may be the cause. You ARE removing the radiator cap with the engine cold, I hope.

I checked the cap I’ve been opening and it says warning in different languages and on the side it says 1.1 so i wanna say it’s that one ?

Yes, when engine is cold lol if not that would be bad

The car will slowdown when it’s hot? Or the temp gets hot and than lowers back to normal?

Car slows down went it’s hot

OK, try this. Let the car sit all day or overnight.

Open the radiator cap

Start the engine.

Observe to see if gas bubbles are coming out of the coolant. If yes, that is a dead giveaway for a cracked head gasket, head, or block.

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Got it recently? It overheats after 20 min drive? I think u got snookered


Well my brother had it for 3 years then cousin had it for 3 months and they never took care of it so I just got it and i changed , battery , tires , radio , headlights … and now this is the last thing that I need… so yeah I got it in bad condition but I’m working on it.

Every time I open it the anti freeze just squirts out and it’s a hot … ? Should I be worried about that ?

20 mins of driving if I go 60 or over

My advise is give it back to them, You are already in too deep.


Batt, tires, is normal maintenance stuff. It costs money but that’s owning a car. How many miles? You could just be in unfortunate spot of cooling system issue. Any of you 3 mechanically inclined?

111,000 miles

MAKE SURE the engine is COMPLETELY COOL! It will not shoot out hot if it has been sitting overnight.

Remove the cap, start the engine, and see if bubbles come out of the coolant. Moving/flowing coolant is normal. Bubbles are not, especially if they smell like used motor oil/engine exhaust. Coolant gets a sort of dead smell that is TERRIBLE when head gaskets let go.

They make chemical test kits but if it is how you describe, the leak will be obvious. Of course it may be something else like a plugged radiator as suggested by others.

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