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Car loses power and occasionally dies

I have a 1991 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL…on several occasions lately I will be driving along about 40 or so…and I will lose all power…after a couple of seconds…the power will return…On two recent occasions, the car died at the stoplight after idling for a minute or so…of course always as the light turned green…It started right away…and on one occasion it sputtered as I was pulling away. The only thing unusual about these occurnaces is it was around 110 out…it has never done it when it is less than 100.

Any thoughts as to why it is doing this???

Electric Fuel Pumps are known to do this—or junk in your fuel filters.

Or, check your temperature sensors on the air intake or water system.
If they malfunction or stick in the cold position, the mixture will get too rich to idle in hot weather.

They used to cost about $20 in 1980. But, expect to pay double or tripple that at Mercedes or Volvo.
Junk yard parts are not very reliable for these sensors, since they rust with time.