Mercedes '89 260E stalls

My 1989 Benz 260E has stalls intermittently. My mechanic said it passed a compression test and he did a Motovac but it hasn’t helped. The problem is that the car is very slow to start from a dead stop, like at a stop light. It doesn’t happen when it first starts, but after driving a couple of miles and I stop at a red light it will take a couple of seconds before taking the gas and moving. It’s not just annoying, it’s dangerous. The odd thing is that in the summer this problem went away. Now that it is cold again, the problem is back. Anyone have any idea?

I’m guessing it’s related to a temperature sensor in the fuel injection system. Who is working on this car, are they a benz shop or dealer, or a general mechanic? You probably should get it to someone who really knows these cars.

Does it have a carburetor or is it fuel injected? I suspect a fuel problem. However I would start off making sure all the tune-up kind of things are up to date. Plugs wires fuel, oil and air filters etc. That often eliminates problems and if they have not been done for a while, they need to be done anyway.

To me it sounds like a fuel problem caused by a carburetor/coke problem or if FI maybe a temperature sensor.

yes, my mechanic specializes in Mercedes. i asked him yesterday, and he thinks it is the fuel distributor, which is unfortunate. the part alone costs about $1,000. i’ll look into the temperatture sensor. i bet it costs a lot less.

Is he sure he has this diagnosed correctly, the part is more like $1750? Throwing parts at these cars is not a cost effective way of troubleshooting: