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Car leases are becoming like timeshare contracts

Maybe Dave Ramsey will soon have a “preferred” referral for ending car lease contracts

The automobile business is getting interesting

Nice! :roll_eyes:
I’ve never leased anything and one more reason I’d never lease a car or anything else. Using stuff that belongs to somebody else (especially a car dealer?) …
… what could possibly go wrong? :thinking:
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Wow… Not surprised, tho. Dealers are awash in cars, they don’t want any more.

If I were that lady, I’d find the address of the nearest Kia Motors Finance office, drive over and drop off the keys, get a receipt and leave. If the office is too far away, I maybe I’d mail (registered mail) the keys in to the office, park the car in the street, drop the insurance and tell them where to pick it up.

You’ve never rented an apartment or office space?

That is correct! And I’m not about to anytime soon.
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The most important part of the article is the tips at the end. IMO, this is also a great time to buy off lease vehicles at auction, if the public is allowed to bid. In MD, most, if not all, off lease vehicles would be eligible. There is another dealer-only lane, but that is for cars that can’t be registered because they can’t pass the safety inspection required before registration. I had a boss that bought several cars this way and saved a huge amount each time. It’s not perfect. You can’t drive the car or give it a good prepurchase inspection. There is an inspection period in the morning before the auction. You can hear it run and look it over, but only with the wheels on the ground.