Car leans to one side after flat tire

Last week, I got a flat tire turning a corner into a gas station. In my opinion, it was a pretty “violent” flat tire- the whole car just kinda slammed to the front right (location of the flat). Since then, I’ve noticed that that side of my car is a little bit lower than the rest of my car, and I get a pretty significant lean to that front end of my car when I turn corners. Any ideas on what I may have done to my car?

If the flat tire was “violent”, then you probably hit something and that caused the flat as well as additional damage to the suspension.

Have someone look at the vehicle. That is the only way to tell.

Probably bent a lower control arm at the very least.

You may have bent one of the suspension components. Have the car checked at an alignment shop. This could be dangerous, so don’t delay.

It sounds like the flat tire was rather catastrophic. Did the tire have to be replaced? If it was replaced, check the tire size numbers, height and profile, on the replacement to see if they match the size on the other tires. Alternately measure the diameters of all tires to see if they match.