Car leaks fluids based on incline, temperature, and/or humidity? Or leaks may eventually stop?

I recently noticed my car leaks on my driveway where it’s parked overnight. Driving it to work, it didn’t seem to leak on the ground it was parked under where it was parked for around 8 hrs. The leaking might be subsiding now, will know in a few more days.

The only difference between home & work is that home driveway is slightly inclined while work parking lot is flat, and at home it’s parked longer overnight where temps may get colder with some moisture in the air (although this in California in summer so it’s not that big a temperature change).

So I was curious if inclines, temperature, humidity, and how long car is parked can affect how it might leak fluids. And if so, why.

Leaks usually dont stop by themselves,get a big piece of cardboard and slip it under there at home and at work,that way you can see if it is your car actually doing the leaking and perhaps you can tell whats leaking out(a slight incline shouldnt make a lot of difference unless its way over full of some fluid or the other.

It Could Just Be Waste Water From The Air Conditioner. That Is Normal In A Situation You Describe.

Is the liquid clear and not oily?
Do you run the air conditioner on the way home, and not on the way to work, ordinarily?


I don’t have time right now to comment on your general question. However, you do want to find out what’s leaking in case it’s something that could become serious. Have any of your fluids dropped in level when you’ve checked them over the past few months? You could do the cardboard trick mentioned above, but white posterboard would be even better.

What’s the model, year, and mileage of this car?

A partly clogged condensate drain on the AC might continue to drain a lot after the car is stopped.
Whereas normally it would drain mostly when driving and go unnoticed.

Try soaking a bit of it up with a clean white cloth to see what color it is and post the results.
Also, check all your fluid levels. Knowing what it is won’t help if it’s something critical and it’s already empty.