Car just wont start and gave no signs previous

I have a 94 merc.grand marquis gs with a 4.6 v-8, and the other day i ran some errands and did my normal driving driving for the morning. I went into the house for about an hour and was going to pic my son up at work.So I got into the car and turn the key, but all i got was a click like a dead battery, i tried jumping it and puttin a new battery in it but all it does is 1 single loud click. Checked the oil and there are no signs of metal in the motor.ehat could this be. A friend say’s maybe a locked up starter motor.

It sounds a lot like a solenoid (part of the starter)  However I can't hear it so I can't be sure.  There are a lot of possible issues, but I doubt it any of them were because of anything you did or did not do.

Remove the wires from the fender mounted solenoid and check for damage at the ring attachments to the cable. If they seem solid clean the connection and replace the battery cable connectors with the old lead ends. On second thought, change those cable ends first and try it.

my neighbor said that could be possible. i just charged the battery just today, when you turn the key to start it sounds like 1 loud clunck then goes back to a single little quieter click.

i checked the wiring from top to bottom and everything seems clean and tight

Try whacking the starter with a wrench and then starting it.

my mechanic said after work he’ll come buy with a sledge!!