Car just stops

1995 Tarus,just stops running w/no warning. After setting for 30 minutes it will start and be ok for sometimes months.Fuel filter and valve to gas line have been replaced.Next option is removing gas tank and flushing line. Any suggestions? Thanks

Have you checked the fuel pressure when this happens? Maybe no air is allowed into the fuel tank causing a a partial vacuum.

I am not sure if they have or not but I will sure ask this am ! Thanks!

sounds ignition related. alot of these had ignition module problems if it has a distributor.

Carry a spare spark plug and a spray can of starting fluid in the car. When it dies and will not start, disconnect one of the spark plug wires; connect the spare; lay the plug on something metal and grounded; crank the engine; and see if there is a spark. If there is spark, squirt some of the starting fluid into the throttle body; crank the engine; and see if it will try to catch.

With these tests you can narrow down whether it is spark or fuel. I would lean toward a bad igniter as they usually act up when hot; shut the engine off as if the key were turned “off”; and can be cured by setting and cooling down.

Hope that helps.