What could be the problem?

Whenever I fill up with gas my car has a problem starting. When it does start it dies right away. It takes about 4 tries before it goes and then I don’t have any problems until I gas up again. I heard a “funny” noise after I filled up the other day. The noise stopped when I stopped, but started up again when I was moving.

I bet if you crack open your gas cap before you try to start, it’ll start just fine. You probably have a pressure problem in your tank.

You might be overfilling the fuel system, and getting fuel into the evap system.
Do you kep pumping fuel after the auto shut off point with the gas filler?
Does it still have trouble starting if you only half fill the empty tank?


You aren’t “topping off” your tank, are you? After you fill up and replace the cap, do you turn it until it clicks?

As has already been suggested, this is frequently the result of “topping off” the gas tank.
There really is a good reason for the warning on the gas cap and in the Owner’s Manual about not “topping off” the tank when you fill it!

However, there is another possibility. Since this is a Kia, and since Kias are mechanically similar in many respects to Hyundais (Kia is owned by Hyundai), you should have your mechanic investigate the possibility of spider nests in the lines of the evaporative emissions system. Hyundais are particularly prone to this spider nest problem, so it is possible that their Kia cousins also have this tendency.