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Car jack

Who invented the first car jack?

I’m not sure it was invented rather than evolved. I’m sure there were mechanical “lifts” that traveled with the pioneers across the plains states in conestoga wagons.

I should add that Leonardo DeVinci drew sketches of screw jack mechanisms. Interestingly, he also drew sketchs of ball bearing systems (bearings with inner and outer races).

They’re still use the initial design ( well, not exactly a log and a rock ) in Formula One racing. A simple lever, no mechanicals. Short end under the car, yank back on the long handle end, up goes the car. ( of course F1 cars don’t weigh much either )

Da Vinci also sketched the original slant-6 engine used in the Plymouth Valiant

Arky-me-dees said, “Give me a lever, and a fulcrum, and I can move the moon!” (Arky was a right good mechanic and phiz-ik). So, using a lever and a fulcrum, should make lifting a Peterbilt semi a piece of pie.

We got momma-in-law into and out of the wagon the same way with additional thanks to a full moon and high tide.No beaching the whale here.

I’m serious. These sketches are well known to those who’ve delved into the lives of the great art masters. I’ve seen numerous photos of these sketches. DaVinci has left numerous sketches of these items plus flying machines and many other so-called “modern” inventions. The materials and technology to actually do some of his ideas would not be invented until long after he’d gone.

My point was that car jacks were not “invented” but are simple applications of basic principles that have been around for centuries, some for many thousands of years. Levers, screwjacks, and hydraulics. Pneumatics too if you count the air lifting bags that have also been used for race cars on European circuits. Car jacks are simply applications of these principles.