Electric jack

Anyone have opinions on electric car jacks? Seems like a good idea. Saw this at Amazon.


I’d use the jack that came with the car before I’d use a 12 volt electric jack that plugs into a power port/cigarette lighter.

C’mon, it takes a lot to lift a car. 12 volts isn’t going to do it.

Why do you think you need this product? When was the last time you had a flat while driving?

I don’t know about the specific jack in question, but your statement that 12V won’t do it is completely wrong. The motor on the jack has a mechanical gear advantage. Even a 1 volt motor could do it if the gearing was right. It would just take it a few minutes to left the car a few inches. Come on, think about it. If a 12V motor could do it with gearing, then the OP probably couldn’t do it either.

I’m fully capable of using the car supplied jack, and have, more than once. However, it can be tricky at times if my back is acting up, and I might want to give this a try. The one depicted is one of 3 that Amazon has listed, but all 3 appear identical, except for the color, price, and branding. Haven’t had a flat for years, but I do my own tire rotations…Iknow, I know…they rotate every time I drive… :slight_smile:

You could get a decent small floor jack instead. That is what I carry in my trunk. It weighs more than the stock jack, but it is a lot easier to use. If you back acts up often, it might be worth getting a membership from AAA or one of its competitors.

lenjack, it looks good. Since I have a $50.00 certificate from Amazon, I’m going to order it and I’ll let you know how itperforms. The ad says it takes about two weeks for delvery.

C’mon, it takes a lot to lift a car. 12 volts isn’t going to do it.

12 volts certainly can lift a car. The question is can it lift the car with the available power (battery and/or charging system) reliability and fast enough to be of use.

Given enough amps and or time I can lift a life a battle ship with even one volt.

If it is using your car battery, the battery may not have enough power to lift and lower the car, or it may take a long time to do it.

My guess is that it may (or may not) be able to lift the car, but likely it is very marginal and cheaply made so it may not be very reliable. While it may work today in your warm garage, it might not do so well on a cold wet day. I suggest that you consider other options, the best may be a cell phone.