Car is bogging while driving... not sure what it is or what to do?

Hello all,
So I recently purchased a 1987 Toyota MR2 NA automatic with 97k miles on it and it was running just fine for the last 3 weeks and I was out of state for a week and on my first day back I decided to run to the grocery store to grab some things, excited to get back to driving my car again but that soon changed to dismay and worry as I turned the corner at the end of my block… the car was running fine and then all of a sudden as I pressed on the gas pedal, the car stopped accelerating and started to lose momentum and the rpms dropped down to 1k and the car basically rolled to an idle.
Engine was still running but as I pressed on the gas a few times, it would kinda lurch forward an inch each time but I had to cut the engine and start it up again for it to go back to normal… it happened three times that day within a 2 hour period and I don’t really trust it to get me to work right now, especially on the freeway… last thing I need is it cutting out on me there.
No check engine light or anything which is good, but does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
Someone mentioned ignition coil and another said something about the throttle body sticking and to try seafoam or something like that… I’m not the most mechanically inclined person but anything would be helpful!
Thank you for your time!

The problem might be caused from a defective throttle position sensor.

OBDI! Always a lot of fun!


A new fuel filter might not hurt either…Then the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure should be tested…Plus what Tester said…

+1 @Caddyman fuel pressure.

That symptom could be caused by a lot of things. It almost sounds like it is going into some kind of limp mode. This happens when the computer thinks something is out of whack that could be a safety concern or damage the engine, like low oil pressure, or a problem with the transmission. I’m not sure if an 87 would support a limp mode, but it is possible I suppose.

Even though the CEL light never lit up, what 'd do first if I had this problem is read the computer’s diagnostic codes. It’s likely something has been stored in the memory about this problem. Most shops won’t have a scan tool compatible with a 1987, but usually you can read the code yourself on OBD I cars, the computer blinks the code out when you set it into a special mode. Method varies car to car, so check the owner’s manual or factory service manual or equivalent. Once you get the codes, type them in here and hopefully some guesses on what to do next will be proffered.