MR2 1986- Toyota

I have been driving this Toyota MR2 1986 since 6 months: when I start the car it “steam very well”. The problem begin if i try to move forward or backward: the engine stop immediatly if I do not keep my foot on the accelerator! So, at any stop either I engage on parking(and the engine would not stop), either I press the brake with half pressure on the accelerator pedal. By steaming I just want to say that the car’s accelaration is very normal,as long as you keep the car on parking. There is no smoke coming out of the tail pipe(It happened once and that was when I bought the car: the air filter was changed and I have never saw the smoke again)

I have been driving it for 6 months but not every day(I use it like 10 to 12 days per month) and the oil level is good(I always check it before I starts the car). I have changed the 4 injectors, the oil, oil filter and spark plugs a week ago and same result! Any idea on what’s wrong here?

Thank you.

From what you’re describing, it sounds like a there’s a problem with the Idle Air Control valve. If you can prevent the engine from stalling by stepping on the acceleator slighty and the brake at the same time, it usually means there’s a problem with the Idle Air Control valve.


A few questions.

How many miles are on the engine?
How many have you put on in the six months that you’ve had it?
Do you know anything aout the history of the car?

Is this an automatic tranny?
Is this carburated?

Have you tried putting the tranny in neutal at stops? What’s it do?

If you go to this site you can see the idle air control valve ((you may have to register at that site): This valve sends more air when the throttle is moved off idle, when you push the gas pedal. It can’t send more air if it’s dirty inside (through all the small holes and stuff). Use a Throttle Body Cleaner to clean the valve and the throttle plate and bore. It’s easier to do than it sounds. This cleaning may help lessen the stalling.

The engine has 150,000 miles(but it sound great and really smothe). I have been using this car only in Sunday! so, I must have put less than 1,000 miles on it.
I have no history of the car. I bought it and it was shipped to me from Dallas(the carfax report said there was no problem)
It is an automatic with no carburator. If I put the tranny in neutral at stops, there would be no problem. It would not stop.