Car intermittently pulls to the left

After a brake job (rotors & calipers) on my '97 Saturn SW2, the car started pulling severely to the left. The mechanic re-aligned it; checked all the hardware, tire pressure etc & pronounced it fit. The pulling is still present, though not nearly as severe. The pulling has also become intermittent: it’ll go for miles tracking straight as an arrow; then start pulling to the left. By the way it does not pull when I brake, & there does not seem to be any undo front tire wear.
My mechanic states that he cannot find anything the could be causing this.

It sounds to me like a brake caliper (most likely on the left front wheel) is sticking.
On a car this old, it is possible for problems with the flexible brake lines to cause caliper problems, so the solution might be to replace the flexible brake lines.

One guess is the left front caliper is intermittently sticking. Right calipers usually go first, due to salt and ice, live in a salt zone? Replace the caliper, my thought

Along with those thoughts, the caliper’s slider pin may not be moving freely. Your mechanic must have checked/greased it. Your mechanic is an actual mechanic, right? Not Pepbozos or any of the other chains, right?

Agree with the sticking caliper but now the alignment is all screwed up.

A problematic caliper is a likely culprit. But if this were my car the first thing I’d do is switch the right/left tires, and see if the problem went with them; i.e. after the tire switch, does it still veer left, or does it now veer right?

And I’d check for temperature differences in the brakes left/right after a freeway drive when this veering was going on. If a brake is dragging, it will get warmer than one not dragging. Someone here mentioned a easy accurate way to do this is with an laser-guided infrared thermometer. Sounds like it would be an expensive tool, but some are quite reasonably priced.