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Car Pulling to One Side

Right Front Tire has excessive wear on Right INSIDE and car was pulling to the left.

I rotated (or is it revolved?) my tires, and now the pulling has stopped…

OPINION: Bad tire that just wore poorly? Slight alignment issue that caused tire wear that then caused car pull? Wheel bearing issue causing tire wear? Or something else?

Correction: Car was pulling to the right.

What you are describing sounds like a situation of bad camber.
You need to take the car to a good front-end shop (NOT to Sears, Pep Boys, Midas, Meineke, or any other chain operation) for examination.

With any luck, you simply need an alignment, but if the odometer mileage on your mystery-vintage Saturn is high, or if you drive on very rough roads, it is also possible that you have badly worn front-end components–and that is a definite safety hazard.

Before attempting alignment, the shop will check for worn components, because it is not possible to do a proper alignment with badly-worn components. Don’t delay doing this!

Thanks thats what i suspected. The car is going to a good front end shop in a few days. Just thought I’d throw the question out here to see what others thought.

I was with you until your correction. A camber or toe problem that causes the right tire to wear on the inside should cause a pull to the left, unless I am not thinking clearly due to lack of my second cup of coffee.

Either way, it is highly unlikely to be a tire problem, and the problem will recur once the tires start to wear in their new positions. You need some alignment work. You don’t mention the vehicle, but expect to need some hardware replacement to correct a bent or badly worn component. Most modern cars have little or no camber adjustment.

You are still right. The morning coffee hasn’t set in yet. It was the left front tire which had wear on through inside right.

Quote from Manolito: "Most modern cars have little or no camber adjustment.’ Unquote

This is true but it’s nothing significant to be concerned with as camber is easily adjusted by elongating the mounting holes at the bottom of the strut. If that can’t work then there are camber plates available.