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Short-term car insurance for out-of-state car purchase

I’m considering buying a gently used car from out-of-state. Is it possible to purchase 1-3 day short-term car insurance for the purpose of driving it back? If so, who are some providers? Thanks

Check with your insurance agent. Most companies have a 30 day automatic coverage on a newly purchased vehicle. If you don’t currently have any insurance, you just may have to buy a policy and then cancel it.

Aren’t you going to want the “gently used car from out-of-state” to have insurance on it longer than just driving it back home?
That is to say, why would you not add it to your current insurance or start a new policy for this car? I am confused why you only want to insure it for such a short period. You are going to drive it once back home, right?

A lot of states require proof of insurance before you can register (get plates on) the vehicle, as a result most insurance companies will write a policy based on your driving history and the VIN. Mine will automatically cover it for a period of 72 hours(iirc) from the time/ date on the bill of sale, I don’t even have to call them and tell them about it.

Would you please explain why you don’t want to insure the car long term? That might help.

He’s looking for a policy just to drive the vehicle back to the state he lives in.

You can always insure the vehicle in your state. Just need bill of sale.

This was actually covered here not that long ago. You can buy a normal policy in the state you bought the vehicle at…then when you get to your state…cancel the other policy. You should be MOST of that money back.

Folks, I should have given you more context. In MA, I understand that one cannot get insurance without also having the title in hand. The seller of the car I’m contemplating still has an outstanding loan balance on the vehicle, so after we sign the Bill of Sale/P&S and I hand him the money, it’ll take at least several days for the Lender to mail me the title. Not wanting the seller to have both money and vehicle, I’d prefer to drive away with my new whip, but do not want to do so without insurance. Hence my looking for temp insurance, a little like one can get from rental agencies.

I’m not even sure if what I’m asking for exists. That’s where you guys come in! The alternative I can think of is to get the car shipped.

I think I would want to be certain that the loan balance owed by the seller is paid. I think that a trip to his lending institution to pay off the rest of the loan is in order. I certainly wouldn’t hand the seller the money and take the car.

I think that there are cars for sale in all 50 states of the union. My advice is to take a pass on this car unless the seller is a relative or someone you have known for a long time.

It should be an absolute snap to get coverage from your current insurance carrier, even with “title pending”.
I know that with my State Farm I don’t even need to wonder these questions. I just walk in and say “I need insurance on a car I’m buying.”
– as simple as that —

Bing and Ken Green gave the best answers…

When I buy/sell/ trade vehicles, I just get online, hit “add vehicle” and enter the VIN. In seconds my printer is delivering a “proof of insurance” card…(Geico) Removing a vehicle is just as easy…But like Bing said, any new purchase is covered for 30 days, long enough to get it home…

I live in MA and have bought and insured all of my cars prior to having title in my name. All my ins company needs is the VIN and bill of sale. Prior to actual buying, I simply call my agent and tell him the year/make/model/VIN information and viola! he gives me a print out showing I am insured. I take that with me to the seller to pick up the car and then off to the registry.

I can understand what TT is saying, because most lenders (new cars is the best example) won’t give you the title until you pay off the vehicle. VW didn’t give us one, and neither did Toyota. When I bought my bike, the credit union didn’t give it to me either. They all held them until it was paid.

At least, that my experience.


Twin Turbo - which insurance company do you deal with? I contacted not one, but two people at Fred C. Churc and they insist that there’s a MA regulation stipulating that title-in-hand is a prerequisite to issuance of insurance coverage.

Ken Green - Do you live in MA? If so, I’ll contact State Farm to get their take.

Triedaq - You’re right, there are some trust issues to be worked out in this transaction. As far as having plenty of selection, that depends a lot on how picky the buyer is :slight_smile:

I wonder, also, if state laws apply to this other State Farm rule I was told.
When renting cars while traveling, all I need do is carry one of my three vehicle insurance ID cards and I’m covered and don’t need to buy their rental car insurance.

This brings up a point I’ve mentioned to youall before, to push your individual insurance carriers to push their states to change the lawsso that…
the liability coverager can be written on the DRIVER not the vehicle.

Thence; no matter which vehicle nor where, the actions of that driver are covered.

Isn’t there something in a typical policy that allows you to drive for 7 or maybe 10 days on your existing coverage? I’ll have to check that tonight.

National insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, allstate, etc. should be able to help you through this. If you hold a policy with one of those companies, the process should be fairly simple, even if it’s out of state; they’re used to that sort of thing

RWD, I work through an agent but I have The Premier which was acquired by Travelers.

I thought i recognized your agent’s name. Try Berube Insurance up on 97 just north of Lafayette sq.

I’ve also bought cars in MA…and I live in NH…

In order for me to pick the car up in MA…I had to have proof of insurance or they wouldn’t let me drive it off the lot. I went to my insurance company with the paper work of the sale…they issued me insurance and I just went to the dealer with the paperwork my insurance gave. That was all I needed. Last time I did this was 10 years ago so maybe things have changed.