Car in our garage at home


My mother has a 1995 Oldsmobile with all the bells and whistles. Bad thing is that it has not been driven or started in the last 4-years.

“HELP” If i drain the gas tank (it has "gasoline stabilizer in it, do you think that the transmission and engine are OK? Or have we screwed it up for good? Thanks Randy


Change the oil, put fresh gas in, and you’ll probably be fine. You also might need a new battery.


I would suggest removing each spark plug and adding a teaspoon of oil en each. Then put the plugs back (not the wires yet) turn the engine over for just a second, then replace the wires.

If all goes well, it would be good to change the brake fluid and the coolant.  Drive it carefully for a couple of days and then have a trusted mechanic check it over for things like leaks.

It likely will be in good shape.

The above is in addition to the prior suggestion.


While you’ve got the plugs out, give them a good look. They can tell you if there is rust in the engine, and they may need to be replaced anyway.