Car idle problem

I have a ?94 Toyota P.U. that has an engine problem that my mechanic hasn?t been able to solve. When the truck is idling the engine has a ?hesitation? like it?s going to stall, but it doesn?t stall and picks up again, running a bit faster then ?skipping? again. It?s inconsistent and is more pronounced after I?ve been on the freeway for a long run. The engine will actually ?jolt?, so you not only can hear the hesitation, but feel it too.

My mechanic 1st blew out the air intake hoses as they seemed to have some build up of ?grunge?. Then he tried adjusting the valves, checked the timing, carburetor, etc. I even tried a tank of gas with Techron added, then 2 tanks of premium. Next he replaced the IAC valve ($300 bucks baby!). Nothing has worked so far. I?m at a point where driving over a cliff seems feasible. So, any input would be appreciated and I do mean any.


Dave Sherwin, Oakland, CA

Keep an eye on the previous Suburban posting…the clue may apply to you as well. I’ve felt your issue while driving and it was definitely a complete power outage that seemed to be a faulty wiring connection near the fuse block next to the battery. Unfortunately, an exact cause was never found. It was a complete ‘burp’ of no electrical activity. Headlights would shut off when the car ‘jolted’, and the radio would lose its memory set points. This would happen at freeway speeds, very disconcerting.