2008 Hyundai Entourage hums loudly

I hear a loud humming noise when I am driving. Nothing is lighting up, and the car is running smoothly. I am concerned it might dangerous to continue to drive.

we will need a little more info than that.
inside the car or outside?
front of the car or back?
right side or left?
is it all the time or sometimes.
is it while accelerating or a constant speed?

It is the entire time I am driving. As soon as I start up the car, and all the way to my destination. Just tell me if it could be dangerous, as I have to drive to work tomorrow and Wed. It just sounds like a loud hum. I turned off the AC in order to hear it better. It is definitely is a noise that was not there before.

I seriously doubt if anyone could say if this hum is dangerous . Don’t you have a friend or coworker who could take you to work while a shop looks at your vehicle ?

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If you’re not familiar with the operating systems of a vehicle, and there’s a concerning noise all of a sudden, it’s best to get it to a shop.

Because, you may cause more damage before someone on a discussion guesses what it is.


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Does the pitch change with speed? Does the hum occur only when the car is moving?

If you think it might be unsafe don’t stress over it, just have it towed to a shop. Trust your instincts.

If you wanted to do a few experiments

  • any change between idling in driveway vs driving on road?
  • any change between coasting in gear vs accelerating?
  • any change between coasting in neutral vs coasting in gear?

Turn everything off except just what’s needed to drive. AC off, cruise control off, radio off, etc.

you never said if the noise is inside or outside the car. the a/c - heater blower motor can make a humming sound when going bad.

You have not provided much info on this problem.
If the noise is present with the engine running while the car sits stationary then one might suspect a belt tensioner bearing or one of the accessories driven by the belt. Meaning an alternator, A/C compressor clutch, etc.

If the noise is present only while the car is moving then that might point to a wheel bearing.

Weekend-warrior suggested a blower motor issue. Turn the key to the RUN position (engine not started) and turn the blower motor on. If the noise is present then there you go.


Could also be the fuel pump on the verge of failing.

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When my POS Volvo would begin buzzing from the driver’s side rear wheel well, it knew it was time to replace the electric fuel pump… again.

It would be really helpful if the OP would respond to the questions regarding where the noise is emanating from, and whether it is present when standing still, or when accelerating, or when turning, or when braking, or…

I think we may have another drive by OP who we may never see again.

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