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Car hum?

Hi, I will try to describe this as best as possible. The engine will hum when you drive it. I think it’s a slight hum. It could be something loose. I’m not for sure. Should I be concern. The last thing done on the car was an alignment two weeks ago struts and springs before that. It may be time to say goodbye to this car.

I see nothing that would suggest replacement of the car.

How about some more information. What year Contour is it? Has it had all the recommended (recommended in the owner’s manual) maintenance done?

 [b] Did you get new tires or were the tyres rotated?[/b]  Does the hum occur with the engine in idle with the car not moving?

How do you know that the noise is coming from the engine?

Isn’t it possible that the noise is coming from the transmission or from a wheel bearing, or the differential, or…?

If there is something “loose” inside your engine, you would be much more likely to hear loud rattling or banging noises, rather than a hum.

Please tell us how you localized the noise to the engine.

99 ford contour with 127,000 miles. Really good ? you guys ask of me to check out. The hum only occurs while driving the car. Currently it isn’t making the noise when the car is not moving. Today while driving I did hear a clank, clank, sounding like a loose empty bottle or jug.