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Engine hums

My 2000 Hyundai Elantra makes a humming sound whenever I’m driving under 30 miles an hour. It just started doing this yesterday. I live in Illinois and the weather has been really cold. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. It’s never made this noise before. Any idea what is going on? Thanks!

Along with heat cold breaks cars,your concern could be cold related.

Is the engine? The radio? The heater fan?

Gonna be impossible to diagnose that without more information.

'round these parts, that’s a tumble weed stuck in the engine compartment. Does it hum at idle ? If so , inspect with the hood up and a piece-of-hose stethescope for a pulley bearing noise, alt, p/s, a/c etc. If not, then look around under there for anything out of place ( tumble weeds don’t make much noise at idle if the air-flow of driving is what’s pushing into the pulleys or brake rotors )including splash shields and harnesses.

'Round These Parts I Have Had Snow / Ice Packed Up Against The Exhaust …

… system on certain cars and they have hummed or rattled. Or this may be a loose heat shield, broken loose catalyst, etcetera. It’s hard to say without haveing it looked at.