Car hesitates to accelerate when at complete stop

Hey guys
Hoping for some advice here I have a 2011 Suzuki swift automatic… the last month my car has been playing up every now and then when I’m at a complete stop when I got to accelerate it takes a good 3-4 seconds before it will actually move and it feels like it’s going to stall but it don’t… I have been to two different mechanics and have had the following done

  • air flow sensor (maf)
  • fuel injectors
    -coil packs
  • spark plugs
  • oil changes
  • air filter

And it’s still doing it :cry: the mechanics have no idea what is wrong with my car… I am ready to give up…

Bad gasoline or clogged fuel filter can cause that.Try to fill up at another gas station and see how it goes.

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot… I’m willing to try anything at this point…

If the fuel filter is clogged does that mean it would need replacing? Sorry I’m not good at cars :neutral_face:

It sounds like it is going too lean in this situation. So you got either too much air, or not enough gas. When you step on the gas when leaving from a stoplight say, the throttle valve opens, increasing airflow into the engine, and the maf takes note of that and tells the ecm to increase the fuel. Also the ecm notices the throttle valve being rapidly moved, and will increase fuel just b/c of that too. So on the not enough gas side, that’s where to look, the maf and the throttle position sensor. On the too much air side, you may have a vacuum leak going on there. The computer assumes all the air into the engine goes through the maf, and if some bypasses the maf via a vacuum leak it doesn’t know how to compensate for that, especially during quick accelerations from idle b/c that’s when a vacuum leak has the most effect. So ask your shop to check all the vacuum hoses and vacuum operated devices for leaks. You don’t notice anything unusual w/the brakes, right?