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Car have hard time going when the air is on

When I turn the air on in the car, it will have difficult going from a stop sign or stop light.

Example: I come to a complete stop at either a stop light or stop sign.

I push on the gas pedal to go: The car will have difficult going, picking up speed. Once I’m going no problems, just at complete stops. It’s like a putt, putt, or a a car that is trying to go after you jump the car. You’re giving it gas to try to keep it running.

This started right after I took the car to the shop to get it routine maintenance checkup at eh dealership. I told them about it, however the only thing they would say is that it’s an older car with 140,000 miles and we just gave it a checkup. (tires, checked hoses, battery, brakes, and fluids)

They did tell me that I needed to get a valve cover gasket for $166.00, not including labor.

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