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Car have a hard time going at stop lights

Ford 99 Escort

Took the car in for oil and 135,000 maintance check up. After check up the car have stalled twice and when you’re at a stop light and start to go the car is having trouble going. However once it start going, no problems.

You’re going to have to get a lot more descriptive than that. What was done during this check up? Describe exactly what happens when the car doesn’t go. Does the engine rev up really high? Bog down and almost stall? Is the check engine light on?

If the problem started right after this “check up” did you take it back to the place and report this? If so, what did they say? If not, why not?

I went back to the car dealership and told them the situation I was having with the car. They looked at my order form and told me that I just got the routine checkup on the car and nothing should be wrong.
I insisted that this didn’t happen before I brought the car to tome. They told me they would check it out, however I would have to make an appointment.

No engine lights whatsoever are on. I take the car for routine checkups all the time. It’s been pretty hot here and the air have been on all the time in the car, however I’m not for sure that’s the problem. I just know it have stalled three times while backing up. And at stop light and stop signs, the car is having a hard time picking up speed. I press on the gas and it kind of stutters The car is moving/going but not accelerating when time to take off.

This will happen when the air is on the car. What type of problem would cause the car to: kind of jerk/putt putt and have problem accelerating when you push on the gas .

Automatic or manual? Does it seem the engine is running OK, but the car just does not seem to be keeping up?

Note: No further response to the other tread.

It’s an automatic, and the engine seem to be ok, however it stalled twice when I was backing up with the air on. This doesn’t happen all the time when I’m at a stop light or stop sign. Maybe not getting enough gas? Should I try to add some type of fuel clean fluid to the gas or put new spark plugs in. I do need to have the transmission fluid clean. Do you think this is the cause?

It could be your IAC, but your symptoms are completely typical for that, so it’s hard to say.
If the spark plugs weren’t changed at or around the 100K mark, then you are past do and should do that first.
I don’t think this is a transmission issue, but if the fluid hasn’t been changed, then you should do that as well.

I’m pretty sure I had the spark plugs changed around that time, I’ll have to look at my file folder and get back to you. If it’s the AC, what do they do to it? "replace it, insert a new chip?

Not AC, IAC (Idle Air Controller). Ford usually calls them Idle Air Bypass Valve. Removing and cleaning the valve may help. Otherwise, it can be replaced. There is no “chip” to change.

Ok, found files, spark plugs were added at 100,524 along with fuel filter, air filter and water pump and timing belt.

I’d replace the air filter if it’s been 35K miles since it was replaced. However, I don’t think that’s related to your problem.
You might also check and see if the throttle body needs to be cleaned. If so, be sure to use a throttle-body-safe cleaner.

I’d go with tardis and start with cleaning the IAC and while at it the throttle body.

The only thing the AC has to do with it is that it adds a pretty hefty load to the engine - especially on this little engine. The engine isn’t running quite right so it isn’t handling the extra load all that well.

In addition to cleaning the IAC I would have someone check the fuel pressure under load.

ok, thanks for all the help