Car has hard time in reverse

My 2000 Honda Odyssey has about 120,000.00 miles on it. When we put the car in reverse it does not want to go at first it was up hill and now sometimes evenon flat driveways. I called one place and they said to come in and have the fluids changed that is what the problem sounded like. Then I call another place to see what there opinion was and he said he could flush the fluids and add new for about $140 but he recommends coming in and getting the free performance test and see where we stand from there. Well I went in and received the free performance test and he came back in saying he thinks an o ring is broken or missing in the transmission. The way he described it was, there is a long shaft with three parts on it which are seperated by o rings and one might be missing which is making the car want to shift in to 2 two diffrent gears which could ruin the transmission. He said he has never seen this happen to any Honda Odyssey before. But it will be $400 to pull up the transmission and then if it is the O ring depending on how much damage it has done it will be plus $1,300 or more to fix the issue. He tried to get me to leave my car there but I could not at that particular time, he was pretty insistent on leaving the car but I had to go home tp think and see about the money… I was a little worried when driving home that it would break down. Please tell me if you think it sounds capable about the o ring is missing and or if you think it could possibly be something else and I should get another opinion.

Have a transmission specialist do a pressure check on the transmission. If the pressure is low in reverse but adequate in the forward gears and in foward stall, the problem is probably internal to the transmission. It well could be a seal ring or a piston lip seal. If you do have the transmission openned do a complete overhaul as most of the cost is going to be labor in removal, disassembly, assembly, and installation.

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Hope that helps.